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Sunday, July 4, 2010


Saturday, June 19, 2010

3rd week of holidays ending le!
Havent even started w one of my homeworks.:(
Got sick after coming back from movies but nw okay le! :DD
The recent class outing was fun!
Went swimming w friends and tried to drag them down into the water.
Then all of us failed making fire due to kimweng. He go where fire also will extinguish de -.-
The fire only started when Darren's mother and grandma came to help out...
At nite I played mahjong for one round and got kicked out right after one round cause i "zha hu"


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Going overseas 2morw nite...
Cannot play Maple for 3days!
Sorry guys, never bball w u all this few days. Will play w u all when i get back from msia!
Havent started on my holiday homeworks. Will have to finish them by next week so that my last week of holiday will be free :DD
Who is interested to buy donation draws booklets from me? :DD

Friday, June 4, 2010

Back to blogging! :DD

Results of my mid year exams was pulled dwn due to me ct 1 and 2. -.-
Alot of C and B...
Must buck up for Term 3!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Holidays packed!
After job week camp got media lit and sci remedial.
Then friday have campfire!
V diff to find time!:(
Job week camp every night chiong com. :DD
First day earnings:$53
2nd day earnings:$38
3rd day earnings:$2

Pestered Eugene for singapore flyer ticket for a long time.
In the end ended up in the washing machine!Same as Kahkeng's one...
Mine shredded to pieces only...


Friday, March 5, 2010

Holidays are coming!!!
Got camp at first 3 days on holiday but lucky is slack camp :)
This whole week teo detention 3 times liao.
Next monday still will teo detention cause never do maths homework.
2day scout v suay.Kena alot of mistakes.
Basket sia the Ryan.
Say want help us minus 15 pushup then minus 5 only. -.-
Andrew marching kuku.
Machiam robot like that.
During ceremony YongKhee go call me, lucky call a few seconds only if not cfm teo own.

Ceremony end, never even see Shaowei he run off liao.
Pangseh people to find zar bo...

Friday, February 26, 2010

2day v sien...
starting of day, go take art file from class then late for morning assembly.
After that, Miss Lim came and ask those that never hand in maths homework to stand.
Kang Yong teo maglin. Yvonne forget pass up the worksheet herself then sabo him.
Then art lesson anyhow draw.
After that go PBl Room to do presentation.
Then recess got one guy go cut my queue. Sec 2 liao still show bad example for sec 1.
English lesson, change place with Jia Mei. Do story on rapounzel.
Zai lo. Rapounzel change to Benpounzel.-.-
After English is history lesson. Kang Yong cannot see come my place sit.
By right, should be the person that come in front sit on the bucket.
Then Kang Yong go take my sit then I have to sit on the Bucket. WDF?!
After sch go mac eat. Kope people fries. Ps kekky buy wrong burger for you. :X
Then cca,cca teacher say I and Joel dont need go for detention any more.
On the way to classroom saw Miss Lim.
She say one hour later we need come back stay for another hour.
No different going earlier or later so we go there after half hour.
Think Maths question till head pain. Now then i know graphs also got so chim one.
NPCC Lao yu sheng. Heard from a NPCC malay girl asking another girl:
"This is called Yusheng?"
Btw I thought Yusheng is not halal so no point asking her to lao yu sheng.
Go back cca saw alot of people teaching sec ones how to tie knots.
Tasnim patrol all sec ones never come. ZAI.
Calvin every cca wear troop tee and pe pants. haiz...
Closing ceremony, Weijun totally covered by the flag for awhile.
Then release le go home. Shaowei pervert go inside girls toilet.
Ing Tsyr angry! Then Shaowei go find Ing Tsyr an wei ta.
Alot people go for reunion dinner. Benette go v fast. Havent say bye he go le.
Go home w shaowei. he treat bubble tea. Suddenly so good to us. o.o
Saw Cheng Yong, chat with him on bus about wats happening in scouts

Reached home...